Ellen J. Barrier / musician

My career in the music industry, began in my preteen years with my family performing in musicals in churches and at public events. We are a family of singers and musicians. I play piano and keyboard, along with writing and recording my songs and music, and Audio CD's.

"I Want to Feel Your Power Today" is a cry to God, when one is in desperate need to hear from him. I have been in desperate need to hear from God, many times. I was sitting at my keyboard, one day, and needing very much to hear from him. At the time I was singing this song, I was expressing my emotions to God. I had no words written. I wrote the words after recording the song, when I decided to share it public. Those who have heard this song, testifies that it "Relaxed and calmed" them. My call to God was heard. He is a great and awesome God!

__ Ellen J. Barrier
Performing Arts                             

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