People Who Are Dangerous


There are those who enjoy tearing down someone else's character. They do not care who they hurt with their vicious attacks. There is no end to the rumors they start with false information.

Such individuals have no conscious; they feel no remorse for this wrongful behavior. But, one must know, what goes around, comes around. We reap what we sow.
__ Ellen J. Barrier

The importance of Great leadership

Great leadership produces great success. Weak leadership produces failure.

 Be it in the home, work industry, or in government; it is necessary to have great leaders. Those in great leadership roles who perform at their highest level of potential, are also great followers.  And therefore, are willing to listen to others, with a caring attitude.

Great leaders help their followers by working with them to prevent problems from occurring. They are able to sit down with others, and discuss issues, and work together for solutions.

Weak leadership is oftentimes at fault for problems that occurs.

“Great men are strong men with great leadership qualities. They inspire others to be loving and caring like themselves. By this their character is made stronger.” 

We can find great leadership roles in both men and women who possess great characteristic traits.

__  Ellen J. Barrier
Author/Medical Professional/Product Consultant/other

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Leadership Abuse of Power

The abuse of power is widely observed among those in leadership positions.

When bosses and managers as well as others in such positions, use their authority to gain something for their own personal purposes, rather than to focus on job related matters it is abuse of power and disrespect for the position they hold.                       

When such people in leadership positions make sexual advances toward others that is disrespectful.  And if a person in a leadership position terminate someone for refusing to become involved in a relationship with him or her, that is abuse of power and disrespectful for that individual’s rights.

A Personal Story:
I have experienced such treatment. 

A man I worked with went outside of his management position. He wanted to control my personal life.  He once told me he had made reservations for a hotel room for me out of town; 

Further stating, “Some of our business partners will be there too.” 

 I felt uncomfortable with the trip and hotel, and did not go. He was very angry with me for the decision I made, not to go out of town.

I knew this man was attracted to me. He kept arranging alone time for us, and I kept showing up with someone else, and he kept getting angry with me.  I did not share the feelings for him, that he had for me. 

Reasons: I love the man, I am married to. Also, character matters to me.

He was not going to give up, and I was not going to give in.  His attitude was making me very uncomfortable working with him.  I decided to move into a location several miles away from him. He became furious with me, and demanded that I return to his location, and followed up with a threat: 

“If you don’t, they can make it hard for you.” This was understood to mean those in leadership positions at the top in the company, would cause harm to me.

I refused to move back to his location. And he carried out his threat.  He and those he referred to terminated me; took away my clients, and stopped my financial income.

They forced me into financial distress. I could not pay my debts from business related financial responsibilities. This behavior is leadership abuse of power.

__ Ellen J. Barrier
Author/Medical Professional/Musician/Other