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Ellen J. Barrier
Owner of Barrier's Books & Assoc,

My Specialties:

Published Author, Marketing Skills, Medical Professional, Musician, 
Product Consultant, Performing Arts, Recording Artist, Songwriter, 
Spiritual Counselor, Creative Writing, Poet, Public Speaking, and 
Fashion Designing. 

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Barrier's Books & Associates is a fast growing company, made up of multiple websites and blogs. We are linked to 50+ groups and millions of international professionals; Artists, authors, business, cosmetology, culinary, educational, marketing, medical, music, Performing arts, Spirituality, technology, writing and other skills.

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We promote and help other businesses grow, by using our professional marketing skills online through Social Media Networks and by public advertisements. We as Professionals, possesses the special skills and unique plans, to promote careers, and grow businesses international.

Business Manager Professional

Hussain A. Rahman (LION) 
Country Manager India at Gulf Air
Bahrain Airlines/Aviation

Qualifications & Skills:

Innovative professional with more than 20 years of experience in sales, marketing, airport operations and personnel, regional and corporate level for both start-ups and established airlines market. 

Kathy Krantz Stewart   

CEO StewArt Production/Biblical Films

      Kathy Krantz Stewart

Award Winning Screenwriter & Film Producer, Distribution - Book to Screen Expert Greater Los Angeles Area Motion Pictures and Film.  

Qualifications & Skills:


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Ellen J. Barrier / musician

My career in the music industry, began in my preteen years with my family performing in musicals in churches and at public events. We are a family of singers and musicians. I play piano and keyboard, along with writing and recording my songs and music, and Audio CD's.

"I Want to Feel Your Power Today" is a cry to God, when one is in desperate need to hear from him. I have been in desperate need to hear from God, many times. I was sitting at my keyboard, one day, and needing very much to hear from him. At the time I was singing this song, I was expressing my emotions to God. I had no words written. I wrote the words after recording the song, when I decided to share it public. Those who have heard this song, testifies that it "Relaxed and calmed" them. My call to God was heard. He is a great and awesome God!

__ Ellen J. Barrier
Performing Arts                             

Barcode 8 85767 08387 5

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The Price We Must Pay For Our Father's Sins by Ellen J. Barrier

  Selected for Best Screenplay 2013
 at The Beverly Hills Film Festival

Priscilla was a beautiful young woman who graduated from law school, with a promising future in the field of law. However, on the day she became Mrs. Jim Elliott, every one of her dreams were destroyed. Jim Elliott was not an ordinary man. He was possessed with demons, a man without a conscious. But, Priscilla didn't realize this horrible truth about her husband, until it was too late. Jim Elliott was the leader of a corrupt and evil organization, whose purpose was to torture and kill those who they wanted out of society.
 The price Priscilla and her family paid for the sins Jim Elliott committed in his organization, was “The Ultimate Price.”

“Death is The Inevitable Price We Must Pay,” said Antonio Elliott, the son of Jim Elliott.
Those who have read this novel, describes it as “A life story” that everyone should read.

___ Ellen J. Barrier
Author/Creative Writing