What Should You Do When You Have Prayed For Something And The Answer Seems To Be Taking Forever To Come?

You need to ask God for guidance in your thought process, decision making, and your use of judgment, to have patience.
The method God use to grant requests, is one that requires a process of preparation to guarantee success, with long-lasting results.
Scripture: For ye have need of patience, that after, ye have done the will of God ye might receive the promise. (Hebrews 10:36)
Promise: Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every  one that asks receives; and he that seeks finds; and to him that knocks it shall be opened. (words of Jesus Christ) Matthew 7:7, 8

A 35-year-old former boxer has been praying to God, to send him a beautiful strong woman, to get married to, and have a family. He would like a son and a daughter. He has been praying the same prayer every night, before falling asleep, for the past three years. It was during the second year of his nightly prayer, that in his dreams, there is a young woman; she is plain looking with a cheerful countenance, and a beautiful smile. He cannot understand why, he sees this woman every night. The woman in his mind when he pray, is one with a different face and somewhat older, with a much different countenance.

Today, while shopping, at the mall,  a stray shopping cart loaded with school supplies hit him, "What the?" he replied. He see a lady chasing the cart! She said, with a friendly smile, "Hello" and asked, if he was injured? " He replied, " I will be OK, think nothing of it. " She apologized, took her cart, and continued to shop.  He was hoping he really would be OK, and so was she.
It was during his dream that night, when he saw her, that it was the woman whose stray shopping cart had hit him, in the shopping mall. "This can't be just a coincidence he said, when the sound of thunder, and a bolt of lightning, shining through his window, woke him from the dream."

After that day, he returned to the shopping mall almost daily, around the same time, he met the woman with the stray shopping cart that hit him,  hoping to see her again. However, he continued to pray for a beautiful strong woman to get married to, and have a family. He would like a son and a daughter.

On this day, his nephew offered to take him to a baseball game. The day was sunny and very warm. Sound like fun! he had said, and was happy to spend some quality time with his nephew, who was home for the summer. He was studying film production, and was planning on becoming a movie producer.

His nephew, was quite a funny guy! He could say things that would crack his uncle up. The kind of laughter that makes your stomach ache, and cause you to bend over, laughing out loud, while trying to keep from embarrassing yourself. It was during this situation, that the uncle bumped into a woman, knocking her hot dog and popcorn, out of her hands. When he looked up to apologize, and offer to buy her another hot dog, and a bag of popcorn, he stared into the face of the lady in his dreams; the woman with the stray shopping cart, that had hit him, in the shopping mall. Their eyes met. They knew each other, from a very familiar place! It was in their dreams.

His nephew cleaned up the mess from the hot dog and popcorn, while the couple, spent the day together, he learned that she is a school teacher. She learned that he is a boxing trainer who counsel his students of all ages, in a self discipline program.

That night he fell asleep without praying. His dream came; this time he saw himself with the school teacher kneeling in front of an altar.

She invited him to speak to her class, on their third date.

This is what he said to her students:

Use your mind as a weapon for good to help others, and for yourself;  to bring about the kind of change that will allow peace and prosperity for the good of humanity. Never use your physical strength as a weapon, to try to prove how tough you are. Only stupid people do such things.

Today, the schoolteacher and the boxing trainer/self-discipline counselor, are a successful married couple. They are the proud parents of accomplished children; a daughter and son, who have a family of their own. Each has added, three children to the family tree.

written by:
Ellen Jean Barrier
Barrier's Books & Associates

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