There IS No Love As Great As This LOVE

Love expressed from a parent to a child, to protect and to provide for

The time a child sacrifices to spend with a parent, to express caring

The LOVE a man shows to his wife, and the many ways she rewards him, with her LOVE in return
The precious LOVE shown to that special someone, whose presence is felt in every heartbeat  as ONE

Above all LOVE is the  LOVE of God, whose LOVE never fail.

Everyday his LOVE is shown by each breath we take, and the things we see, the sound we hear, and the things we smell and touch.

To hear the sound of thunder, seeing the fiery lightning bolts, and feeling the power of its strikes, that shakes the ground underneath us, is a reminder that it  is God's Grace and Mercy that controls nature, to keep us safe from the power of Earth Disasters.

To Feel The Presence of God

To feel the warmth of the sun, and look into a beautiful sunrise

To see a beautiful sunset

On a night when the moon and the stars light up the sky, and a falling star, or many stars that fall are visible to our eyes:

Our hearts are delighted with happiness, and from within our soul we speak to God, a prayer of thanks. And he speaks back to us with a breath of fresh air filled with a sweet fragrance from the sky covering us with his LOVE

The Spirit of the Good Samaritan, lives on in the Hearts of people who reaches out to others,  to lend a helping hand and provide comfort, in their times of need. In all these things, the LOVE of God is shown. There is no Love as great as this LOVE.

Written by Ellen J. Barrier
Barrier's Books & Associates

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