Working Together for a Better World

Violence is avoided, when we sit down with others, and discuss issues, and work together for solutions.

__Ellen J. Barrier

Discussions and debates to find solutions to stop violence or to control it have gone on for a great number of years, with no solution in sight.

If we look at our world today, and consider the violence that has made our world unsafe, we have to know it is due to generations who have failed to follow the teachings of moral values; Because of this failure, our world is in a crisis mode due to violence.

While the debate continues, our position is to educate the public. We are providing information on awareness, and having discussions on undesirable and unfavorable social issues. We are looking for solutions to create the spirits of harmony and peace to inspire goodness, and hope for a better future for World Peace.

__Ellen J. Barrier
Author/Medical Professional/Spiritual Counselor/Other

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